EQUINOX: The Evolution of an Elegant Edwardian-Style Fast Commuter

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Click the image below to view a short video of Equinox. Note the reversing mechanism.

The Hull:

boat 1 equinox.jpg early trials


boat 2 eureka.jpg Eureka, Will's first boat  


boat 3 entire hull.jpg At Lee's Mills 2013



boat 4 hulllines.jpg


boat 5 hard-chined stern.jpg


The Boiler:

boiler 1 mud drums.jpg Note double rows of pipes on three sides


boiler 2 side tubes.jpg


boiler 3 back tubes.jpg Note economizers parallel to steam drum (superheaters not shown for clarity)


boiler 4 from the conn.jpg


boiler 5 whistle manifold cluster.jpg


The Engine:

engine 1 top end.jpg


engine 2 starboard side.jpg


engine 3 view aft.jpg Showing Equinox Marshall reversing gear.
Note tilt of piston valves and straight line of valve rod allowing end (not side) placement of steam chests and valves.

Equinox's Marshall reversing gear lines (shown above in an earlier iteration of the engine with "D" valves).


engine 4 lines.jpg

Below, a Bremme valved engine (similar to a traditional Marshall reversing gear) in a large marine application. 
The Bremme version switches the position of the valve and reversing rods.
In Equinox the valve rod is mounted mid eccentric rod, in the Marshall configuration. 
Note (below) that the single eccentric and steam chest & valve location on the side of the engine.
Side valves allowed for a large yet compact engine and provided easy access to valves in a multi-phased compound (e.g. 3 to 4 cylinders).
In a narrow hull like Equinox, the end placement of the steam chests in this twin simple engine is of advantage. 
To reduce angularity valve motion problems and minimize the noise of reciprocating parts Will tilted the valves so that the the valve rod and piston valve were aligned (see above). 
I have never seen this tilted end placement done before... It works very well!

Check the video to see the engine in operation.

Engine 5. Traditional Bremme Valve arrangements (above). Just switch the positions of the valve rod and reversing linkage for a Marshall gear.
By using the inboard Marshall arrangement the angle of the valve rod in Equinox's end-placed steam chests is reduced.

The Marshall version:



Engine 5 feedpump.jpg Beautiful finish


The Prop:


prop 1.jpg You can make out the blade profile and streamlined assembly


prop 2.jpg


prop 3 blades welded to grooved hub.jpg


prop 4 blade twist jig.jpg


willandson.jpg Passing on the torch to his son..